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Posted by Dave Schwab 2297pc on June 11, 2019

In Wisconsin, we continue to prevail against legal maneuvering by the voting machine corporations attempting to block scrutiny of their software. We have also won court rulings that block their effort to impose a gag rule on us to prevent public disclosure of the results of our upcoming software investigation.

How can we trust our elections if critical software, controlled by private corporations, is shielded from scrutiny? For details on the legal battles in Wisconsin, keep reading.

Since our December victory in Wisconsin when a court ruled that voting machine vendors can not prevent us from making public statements about the results of an upcoming review of voting machine software, the case has continued to move through the appeals process. On April 10, 2019, the Wisconsin Circuit Court—which previously ruled that the vendors could not force us to agree to an overbroad gag order in exchange for software access—rejected the vendors’ proposal to indefinitely halt the software review, agreeing only to grant a stay pending the vendors’ initial appeal. As always, we are continuing to fight in court for an election system we can trust, that is accurate, secure and just.

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