WI Recount Filings

Below are some of the legal filings that have been made so far in regards to the Wisconsin Recount efforts. We will try to keep this page up-to-date but things are moving fast!

Recount Petition: Jill Stein asked the Wisconsin Elections Commission to order a hand recount on November 25.  The Election Commission ordered the recount on November 29.

Petition for Recount before Wisconsin Elections Commission

Elections Commission Order Granting Recount

State Court Action Seeking Hand Recounts:  On November 28, Stein brought an action in state court asking the court to order all counties to do a hand recount, instead of the automatic recount that some counties wanted to do.  Secretary Clinton intervened and supported our request for a hand recount.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission opposed our request for a hand recount, arguing that each county board should decide whether to do a hand or automatic recount.  The judge held a hearing on November 29.  The judge “strongly encouraged” county boards to conduct a hand recount, explaining that a hand recount is the “gold standard” and the “best way.”  The judge did not order a hand recount because she did not believe we met the legal standard. 

Stein’s Complaint Seeking Order Requiring Hand Recount 

7 Expert Affidavits Attached to Stein’s Complaint: HaldermanRivestStarkVoraHurstiJonesWallach

Clinton’s Motion to InterveneandMemorandum in Response to Stein Petition 

Transcript of the Court Hearing on Stein’s Complaint Seeking a Hand Recount (Court’s decision starts on page 145)

Wisconsin Election Commission’s Opposition to Stein’s Complaint, and Election Commission’s affidavits (Hass Affidavit) and Murphy Affidavit 

Trump Supporters File Federal Action to Stop Recounts:  Two PACs that support Trump and a voter sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission in federal court to seek an immediate end to the recount.  Stein intervened to argue that the recount should continue.  Before Stein even intervened, on December 2, the judge issued an order denying the immediate relief the Trump supporters wanted.  The judge also ordered a hearing on December 9, 2016 at 9 a.m., when he refused to stop the recount.

Trump Supporters’ Complaint to Stop Recount (with Exhibits 1, 2) and argument for immediate relief (motion and memorandum of law)

Court order denying immediate relief and allowing recounts to continue

Stein’s request to intervene (granted by the court) and brief and declarations in opposition to Trump supporters’ request for immediate relief

Wisconsin Election Commission’s opposition to Trump supporters’ request for immediate relief 

Trump Supporters’ reply brief in support of their request for immediate relief 

The Republican Party of Wisconsin  also filed a complaint before the Federal Elections Commission.

FEC Complaint