WI Observer Reports

We will post the reports we receive from volunteer observers here as they are received. These reports are not official positions of the Stein campaign, but our attempt to keep this process as open and transparent as possible.

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Selected WI Observer Reports

Sharon, Dane County

Madison, Ward 29
20 Absentee closed envelopes had not been counted because of confusion with a fire alarm at East High during the election. The Board of Canvassers approved adding the 19 Clinton votes and 1 Stein vote to the total Ward 29 numbers.

Suzanne, Vilas County

Vilas County recount has been completed as of 2:40PM today. Totals to be published by WEC.

Bill, Jefferson County

Jefferson County finished its recount today. Two pictures of their hand-entered summary spreadsheets are attached. Here is a WEC link that their minute-taker read aloud when I challenged them to explain how “Scatterings” might be better reconciled with “Blanks” (“Unders”) and “Overs”: elections.wi.gov/node/3283 . I am doing my own spreadsheet from their pictured results which I can share later. I reported an incident to Madison recount office about one community (Town of Oakland) that during the recount updated the two official poll books from a separate list of 41 voters that was not yet in those poll books, and was observed by another one of our volunteers.

Robin, Marquette County

City of Montello recount. (Read this together with any comments/photos from Sandie Becker.)

OBSERVED: There were 8 or 9 Absentee ballot envelope with no initials evidencing voter ID checked. County Clerk says he won’t throw those out, but would for missing signature, witness, or judge initials on paper/absentee ballot.
OBSERVED: Inspector Statement didn’t include the seal # of the Ballot Bag.
OBSERVED: Broken red tag #1885 was on Incident Report but not found; #1958 was found but not on the report.
OBSERVED: Inspector Statement missing lots of other info + had grossly inaccurate number of absentee ballots (83, s/b 140). City Clerk Dawn C was called in, given oath, and clarified that all was OK. She had completed the Federal form 190-F (for election stats) and it had the correct numbers on it. She was asked to make changes to the Insp Stmt + the tally page from each Pollbook. She did not add the Ballot Bag seal # as that is a Chief Inspector requirement.

Roberta, Iowa County

We did hand recounts for the municipalities of: Avoca, Blanchardville, Montfort, Muscoda, Town of Linden, Village of Linden, Village of Rewey, and Wyoming. Only one discrepancy was discovered; in Muscoda, Trump’s total count went from 6 to 7. This discrepancy was recorded in the minutes.

Sandie, Marquette County

Town of Oxford-bar code serial number on ballot bag not recorded on Chief Inspector report. Texted message to Jen — who said to file an objection. I couldn’t do this on this date as the canvassers/clerk were already gone. However I did inform the County Clerk on 12/6 I would be filing a blanket objection as I have noted a total of 3 polling places missing ballot bag numbers not being recorded. He agreed we should wait until all are completed and make it official as we both feel there may be more. Pics will be attached below.

Don, Iowa County

The Iowa County Recount is completed.

Observers were allowed to view the proceedings up close, handle the ballots and ask questions. All ballots were hand counted. The process was clearly transparent. All supporting documentation tied to vote totals with several single vote exceptions noted.

Net Variances in vote totals are minimal. I’ll post the changes by noon on Wednesday.

Dan, Dane County

At start of day it was announced that a third room was to be set up to start sorting Madison ballots, absentees….etc. to speed things along for later. No tabulating was to occur. One person stayed in that room for their shift (MJ) No counting or tabulating was reported. We were spread a little thin at first.

Edgerton was completed from the day before. I didn’t observe the previous work but they said it reconciled. Next was Mazomanie, Roxbury and Springdale and Dunkirk. All totals reconciled. Roxbury had to do a draw down. Two Clinton votes were drawn.

Stephanie, Racine County

Sending recount totals for:
North Bay
City of Racine Ward 32
City of Racine Ward 22
City of Racine Ward 21
City of Racine Ward 25Read more

Stephanie, Racine County

The tally sheets my husband Tom and I used are copies of the Dems’ google docs. 
We did not have copies of the Stein forms. 
We would like to note that much of the information asked for on the Stein forms was actually difficult to get from the County Clerk. 
Eagle OptiScan (without modem, I think) and 
Edge DRE touch screens were used in Racine County
Note: there seemed to be many issues with election judge initials on Absentee ballots 
Note: early voters were counted as Absentee ballots in the poll books 
I am sending photos of:
Village of Union Grove
City of Racine Wards 18, 14, 12
Village of Mt Pleasant Wards 10-12
City of Racine Wards 16, 15

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