DEC 07, 2016Vilas County recount has been completed as of 2:40PM today. Totals to be published by WEC.


DEC 07, 2016Vilas County recount has been completed as of 2:40PM today.  Totals to be published by WEC.


Arrived shortly before 9AM, ½ hr late due to inclement weather.  The recount for the town of Eagle River was already underway.  The day’s recount ended at 3:40PM to commence again on Tuesday, Dec 6th at 8:00AM.  Four towns/townships were successfully completed—Eagle River, Arbor Vitae, Lac du Flambeau, and Winchester in that order.  Three of the four reconciled in complete agreement with original election results; the 4th town was reduced by 4 votes.  Tallies to be published by WEC upon completion of the entire county.  Recount was done completely by hand.

There were 12 people representing canvassers, election workers, and the county clerk’s office with David Alleman, Vilas County clerk in charge (photo attached).  In addition, there was an observer rep from the WEC, four individuals identifying themselves as Democrats, and myself, the sole representative of the Green Party.  Throughout the day, media personnel stopped by for a short time including video capture.

David provided hand-outs for each municipality recount and outlined the procedure.  As a sample, the task list for Eagle River is re-printed on page 2-3 of this doc.   The staff rotated tasks after each municipality recount so that reconciling poll lists, absentee ballots, ballot count & if necessary any provisional ballots tasks alternated among the group.

Results of recount will be published by WEC on their website.