The green future

It is imperative that we keep fighting and building to put people, planet, and peace over profit.

We learned in 2016 that a revolution needs a revolutionary party.

Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka, and their supporters are building the Green Party beyond Election Day.

Help us channel this momentum into building the electoral arm of the peace, democracy, ecology, and social justice movements–the Green Party. By getting involved in your local Green chapter and online, we will elect more officials, run more ballot initiatives, be visibly in solidarity with justice movements, achieve ballot access quickly, and be a network of communities resisting two-party electoral oppression. 

Alongside others in the Green Party working to transform this rigged system, in what ways would you like to volunteer?

Who’s volunteering

Allen Altland Allen Altland Nina Louque Nina Louque Ron Aragon Ron Aragon Stephen Verchinski Stephen Verchinski Tina Rockett Tina Rockett

Will you volunteer?

_____ I will advocate for Ranked Choice Voting and help pass initiatives to implement it locally.

_____ I will petition to get the Green Party on the ballot in my state or neighboring states where ballot access is needed.

_____ I will become a member of my local Green Party, or would like to help start one in my community.

_____ I will become a monthly sustainer to the Green Party, donating $5 or more each month for our living-wage staff and operational costs.

_____ I will help fundraise for the party by making calls or creating a personal fundraising page to share online. This will help the party hire more staff and assist state parties and candidates.

_____ I will sign up to volunteer for my state’s Green Party.

_____ I want to join one of the Green Party’s national identity caucuses (Black, Latinx, Lavender, Women’s, & Youth) or help to start a new one (Disability, Native American, etc).

_____ I want to start a Young Greens campus chapter at my high school, technical school, or college/university.

_____ I will work with other Greens to #OccupyTheInauguration

_____ I will advocate for Open Debates on all levels of government–including presidential debates. We will not wait until 2020 to call out the corporate Commission on Presidential Debates.

_____ I will help with Green Voter Registration drives to register people Green (especially current non-voters). I will write several letters to the editor yearly so my community knows our Green positions.

_____ I will help online by spreading the word, promoting petitions, and other social media endeavors.

_____ I will join the Green Party Phonebanking Team to make calls on behalf of Green Party initiatives, candidates, and ballot measures.

_____ I have a technical background, and could help with website building & maintenance, database input, coding, or statistics.

_____ I have an artistic background, and could help with graphic design or cultural content and artwork.

_____ I have a writing background, and could help write content for Green websites and newsletters.

_____ I have a policy background, and would like to help do research and press releases for my local or state party.

_____ I am currently involved in activist & anti-oppression justice movements. I will be active in the Green Party by facilitating solidarity with movements.

_____ I would like to run for office as a Green in my community–or serve on a local board as a Green. Or I know someone who should. Green candidates and elected officials have won important local victories, proving to voters they have real choices.

_____ I am interested in attending “movement schools” put on by Greens.

_____ I am interested in attending “campaign schools” put on by Greens. First Name Last Name Email Mobile phone (optional)

_____ Send me email updates

_____ Send me text messages

Phone When is a good time to call?

Address (Street, City, State, Postal code)

When are you available? (optional) Comments, other ideas, etc. (optional)

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