DEC 08, 2016The count was finishing that day. They separated the ballots and that was all very clear but they flipped through the ballots instead of placing them in piles to count them. We raised an objection and the Clerk became angry and defensive, said they knew what they were doing.


DEC 02, 2016I observed the Sauk County recount in Baraboo from 9 am to about 3:30 pm. There were other observers there also, so you will probably get additional reports. They will continue to count until 7 pm. The county workers doing the recount were very organized and thorough in their work. There were a few write-in and undervote ballot issues, which were resolved by the canvassers. I was present for recounts of the following towns: Ironton, LaValle, Merrimack, Prairie du Sac, Reedsburg, Spring Green, Sumpter and Troy. Out of all the votes, Trump gained 1 and Clinton gained 2. Some write-in candidate vote totals also changed.