DEC 08, 2016Dear Jill; I have done observer work last Thursday and Friday. I was observing today. I had been hired as a recount tabulator, and performed with others on Monday and Tuesday from 9 AM to 7 PM. Today I solely was an observer. Lisa the clerk of courts and other clerks were also present, as well as the board of canvassers. While it appears from the vantage point that it is an open air market. Is in fact a well performing group of individuals working to do the recount process on the most cautious side of making human air. There was certain issues as torn ballots or improperly marked ballots that need to be resolved and were done so in a orderly fashion. The most outstanding rarity was that in central collection of ballots; Ward 3 in Ward 5 had a issue with the number 77 being used on to ballots. Which would’ve been the voter tabulation number copied wrong by human air, required initialing was provided on the back and those two belts in Ward 3 were counted one being for Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein. There was an ever present atmosphere of do your diligence and correctness on the recount ballots expressed to each working member. Being a rock County resident for generations I am very proud of those who have dedicated their time to accomplish this task.