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Video and transcript of Dr. Jill Stein’s Presidential Launch Speech
Power To The People Plan

Selected Press Releases: 

January 2nd, 2016: Stein Declares Rahm Emanuel Must Go. Lambasts Key Role of Democrats In Enabling Police Killings of People of Color.

December 9th, 2015: Paris Climate Transformational Solutions

December 1st, 2015: Dr. Jill Stein, Presidential candidate at COP 21, to speak at civil society events decrying the derailed COP process, calling for US to lead transformative climate action.

November 16th, 2016: Condemning Paris Attacks, Stein Warns Vengeance continues violence

September 18, 2015: Candidate Stein: Republican Presidential Spectacle More Debacle than Debate.

September 17, 2015: Stein Says Solving the Refugee Crisis Requires Halting Disastrous US Military Interventions At Root of the Crisis, As Well As Providing Immediate Humanitarian Assistance. 

September 15, 2015: Stein Launches Petition to End  ‘Mockery of Democracy’, Open the 2016 Presidential Debates. 

September 8th, 2015: Presidential Candidate Stein: 10 years After Katrina, New Orleans Is An Ongoing

September 8th, 2015: Dr. Jill Stein Launches National Student Organization Young Greens Rising

August 19, 2015: Stein Calls for Abolishing Student Debt and Making Public Higher Education Free 

August 3, 2015: Stein: Obama’s Clean Power Plan A Band-Aid When Emergency Surgery Is Needed

July 31, 2015: Jill Stein Says it’s time for Medicare for All Americans!

July 22, 2015: #BlackLivesMatter Rally at Ferguson Police Department; Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Among Speakers

June 23, 2015: Jill Stein Kicks Off Presidential Campaign With Power To The People Plan

June 5, 2015: Presidential Candidate Jill Stein To Speak at Kshama Sawant’s Re-Election Kick off event

May 13, 2015: The Green Party and Libertarian Party Join Together to Challenge The Commission on Presidential Debates  

May 8, 2015: Million Moms March On DC Against Police Brutality; 2016 Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Among Them 

April 20, 2015: Jill Stein Among Calls for Release Political Prisoner Rev. Pinkney  

February 26, 2015: 2016 US Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Seeks To Bring Issues From Frontline Communities To The Frontlines of The Presidential Dialogue 

February 6, 2015: In ABC News Exclusive, Dr. Jill Stein Announces Formation of Exploratory Committee For 2016