Philadelphia country report

Camille, Philadelphia County

Dec 04, 2016 In total we found 5 cases where the official tally (machine scanned) did not agree with the hand count.  There did not seem to be a systematic bias. Two errors added votes to Clinton and three took away votes. I am concerned that the machine scan had so many errors. Errors in 17% of our divisions is not acceptable, even without a bias in the errors. Joe Lynch and Kathy Odom were very careful and professional. They made the process very transparent and were non-partisan from start to finish. Continue reading

Camille, Philadelphia County

Dec 03, 2016 They will not be showing us the voter logs (the book where the voters sign in).They will not be showing us the provisional ballots that were rejected, nor will they tell us how many were rejector nor why they were rejected.They refused to do a forensic audit and refused to let us check that the seal of the PROM was intact. Continue reading

Richard, Philadelphia County

Dec 03, 2016 After a frenzied few days of collecting notarized affidavits from voters, Philadelphia volunteers managed to collect and submit nearly 300 of them to Philadelphia County’s board of elections, known as the City Commissioners, under 25 P.S. § 3154 (e), before the official computation of the vote was completed, on Wednesday. Three affidavits from people who voted on election day in a given division were required in order to “recount or recanvass” that division. Continue reading