Patch Adams Endorses Jill



This is Patch Adams. Maybe you remember the film about my life in the 90s starring Robin Williams. 

patchadams_480.jpgI’m coming to you today in my capacity as a physician.

The media acts like there are only two people running for president.

To me, those two candidates are running for their own wealth. Like you, I support the candidate running for our social, political and spiritual health – Dr. Jill Stein!

What a thrill it is that we have Dr. Jill Stein running on the Green Party ticket! Imagine that – a presidential candidate who champions single payer health care.

My heart aches at the huge number of people who can’t get proper care because of the corporate-managed health insurance system. And as sick as that is, how about this… The #1 cause for a citizen for losing their home is their medical bill.

This must stop. And it can stop if enough of us vote for Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party!

When you vote for Jill, remember that you are voting for health for everyone in the United States. What a powerful vote that is….

Go to the polls.

Thank you,

Patch Adams
Physician/Social Activist

P.S. Jill needs our financial support right now, too. Please go to this link to give to her campaign in these final few days.