PA observer reports

We will post the reports we receive from volunteer observers here as they are received. These reports are not official positions of the Stein campaign, but our attempt to keep this process as open and transparent as possible.

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Kate, Bucks County

Dec 04, 2016 I am the polling constable at Middletown Twp Lower #5 (Mike Fitzpatrick polling district and polling place) I have been in this position for 7.5 years. this year there was a problem at the end of the night. we closed the 2 machines as we have always done. the number of machine votes was one less then our book total which we attributed to a fleeing voter. When we cllosed one of the machines it increased by 10 votes. I have never seen anything like it. It was reported to the county. If this happened all over the state well….

Rodney, North Hampton County

Dec 04, 2016 IMPORTANT: I was canvassing by phone before the elections. One person I called reported something I thought was very suspicious that might be of help as you move forward: She was from Philadelphia but living in Brooklyn. She said that she received her absentee ballot AFTER the deadline for sending it in, but was told she should send it in anyway it would count. MORE IMPORTANTLY, the person she spoke with when she called for information said there was a HUGE problem with absentee ballots that were mailed late and received by the voter after the return date. I mentioned this when I went to a Democratic field office later in the day and said they should notify someone. You should definitely look at this if you have time. Philly has the population to easily offset the rest of the state if large numbers of absentee ballots arrived after the date for mailing and so weren’t returned or perhaps not counted.