DEC 10, 2016leader of observation team did not show up till 9:45 although count started @9:00 1st town to be counted was Cassian . There were 2 bags of ballots in  resealable plastic bags, about 700 votes. Before the counting started the ballot counters noted there was no official seal on bags. Deputy Clerk said “the new seals did not work on these bags” I informed observation leader of this when she arrived she said it was not a problem. After the 1st count of the town of Cassian there was a discrepancy so they recounted. After the 2nd count there was still a discrepancy of about 95 votes. The ballot counters determined @ this time that the clerk of Cassian must have counted the 95 absentee ballots & the envelopes they were in & that is why they had 95 more voters than votes. At this time I asked the observation leader if she was going to accept this as an explanation & she said yes.All that was done after this  on my shift was a separation of 2 wards from Rhinelander.