Recount completed on 12/06.  Result was Trump lost 134 votes, Clinton lost 10 votes, Johnson lost 1 vote, Stein lost 1 vote. Added to write-in totals was Evan McMullin who picked up 35 votes as a non-candidate for WI.  Much of the ballot loss was from voters who never presented ID to validate their provisional ballot.  Ballots marked with “X’s” or check marks were also uncovered as a result of the hand count.  No machine errors were found.


My wife ( Karyn ) and I acted as observers at the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Municipal Building on Monday Dec. 5th 2016. County Clerk Lisa administrated the recount. She was very well organized and transparent with all ballots to be counted. Her team and the local Canvassers were conducting a careful and fair count of all the ballots. All events were recorded and the state election board was consulted when issues were discovered. Attached are ten  photos of ward counting worksheets that I made notes on during our observation session.