Donation FAQs

Have questions about supporting Jill’s campaign for President? See these frequently asked questions below!

I’m getting the “is confirmed needs to be checked” error

At the bottom of the donation form, there are a few checkboxes to confirm donation policies, compliance with donation laws, and privacy for your support.

In order to process your contribution, we need the top two check boxes to be selected to confirm your information is correct and to confirm that you comply with our donation rules and policies.

My card won’t process for some reason

The most common problems with donation processing stem from rules with your credit card issuer. If you continue to get errors, be sure to double check that you’ve entered your card number correctly (without spaces or dash marks). Additionally, be sure to check that the zip code you’ve entered matches the zip code on your card’s billing address.

While most campaigns are able to process credit cards where the donation address doesn’t match the billing address, our efforts for Primary Matching Funds require us to verify your address using this system.

Still having issues? Contact for more information.

I want to donate monthly. How can I become a sustainer?

Interested in donating monthly without the hassle of coming back to the site periodically? Visit our Monthly Contributions page for more donation options.