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Posted by Dave Schwab 2297pc on June 11, 2019

Before the recount effort in Michigan was shut down by the courts, it was already uncovering major problems, particularly in communities of color like Detroit, where more than 80 vote scanners broke down on election day, and a whopping 60% of precincts were ruled ineligible for recounting due to problems with the initial count. Now, grassroots activists are hoping to get Detroit’s new Charter Revision Commission to improve election integrity and oversight of the voting process.

For details on the Detroit Charter Revision Commission and how Detroit residents can get involved, click here.

Currently, the Detroit Election Commission is made up of the city clerk, the city council president, and a city lawyer appointed by the mayor – all of whom either hold elected office or were appointed by an elected official. Election integrity advocates want to change the charter to make the Detroit Election Commission an independently-elected body, either through the Charter Revision Commission or via a ballot initiative.

You can get involved in the fight for elections we can trust in Detroit by attending the next meeting of the Charter Revision Commission – see the meeting schedule and more info at the Detroit Charter Revision Commission website.Do you like this post?

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