Mason, Michigan 
Ingham County Fair Grounds Main Building

12pm County Clerk worker gave instructions to everyone present. Roles, procedure and rules were covered. It was roughly 10 minutes of instructions. 

Table U –
County Clerk officials present Jon Hansen (D)/Stephanie McLean(D)* and JoAnne Kean (R) 

Recount of City of Lansing
Precinct 21
Ward 2 

*McLean replaced Hansen during the second “touch “step of recounting total number of ballots. Hansen went to work as a yellow vested observer/worker for the County Clerk. 

Alan Fox, County Clerk Barb Byrum and Kristi Dougan of DOE were there during cutting of seals. 

Al Harns State of Michigan DOE employee was present consistently… helpful but not overly helpful. He tried to answers all questions that County Recount workers and campaign observers were asking. If he felt he couldn’t answer our questions he would instruct us to ask the appropriate people to get the answer before the process continued. Everyone wanted to do it slow, right and accurate. 

Many other State of Michigan Department of Election workers coming in and out randomly—couldn’t record all their names

Konnor and Ashley from Stein Campaign 

Gretchen the Attorney for Stein

GOP observers stopped in to check on process. Three different GOP observers during my time observing joined us at the table during counting of ballots and reviewing Presidential votes. GOP observers were not at table consistently. I was the only observer there a majority of the first “touch” step removal of filled out ballots from bags , second “touch” step the recount of all filled out ballots(unused ballots were left inside bags) and the third “touch” step of sorting Presidential votes.

The ballots, poll book and computer printout were correct.

Total Number of listed in the numbered lit of Voters –969 
2 Provisional Ballots (White sealed envelope on top of bag 00022737 was placed back into blue bag by DOE worker before start of counting.) It was never opened by County Clerk Workers.

Total Ballots 967

They found a ballot with the tab left on Ballot 22037. This was noted during the overall count by workers. This ballot was not reviewed (2nd touch) during my time observing. I was relieved by Konnor at 225pm. He may know what if anything was learned about this ballot. Not sure if tab isn’t removed if it affects tabulation.

One challenge–
Ballot had dark black DOT over first part of the arrow on the ballot. They had marked Republican Party straight ticket and Trump in President Race. The marks were consistent throughout the whole ballot and were inside the approved areas to count as valid. 
County Officials called it “others”. I asked to have it looked at by my supervisor Konnor. He made the call to Challenge the call. He saw that the large dots and that both Republican straight ticket and Trump President was selected. After the challenge started a GOP observer came to our table… he reviewed ballot and our challenge. He asked to be included on our challenge as if we were denied he wanted the option to challenge too. 

Konnor was amazing during this time as I was scared… I felt it wasn’t being counted when it should. I want to be a part of this process and I’m honored. I didn’t know as a Stein Observer and a Hillary support what I should do at first. I wish it was a vote for Hillary or Stein that I was fighting for. That is the TRUE beauty and importance of what my part is in this process I’m not there to just question votes that will validate my own believes but to make sure ALL valid votes are counted. Konnor and Attorney Gretchen were so wonderful as leaders and teachers. 

No other challenges during my time working today.

At 235pm I was replaced by Konnor.