End for-profit policing: End asset forfeiture, eliminate fees/fines from municipal budgets as a dependent revenue source.

Limit use of force: End training from IDF on occupation-style policing, replace shoot-to-kill as the only response tactic, train officers in conflict resolution, deeply review personnel records of transferring officers and screen for excessive force complaints.

Training: Periodic training on how to de-escalate mental health crises, restorative justice and conflict resolution, mental health self-checks and privilege and bias self-checks.

Demilitarization: End 1033-style programs, incentivize police depts to return military-grade weapons to federal government.  End training in occupation-style policing.

Community representation:  Institute elected community oversight boards with subpoena and indictment powers.

Body cams/film the police: End the prosecution and retaliation of citizen filming of police incidents, withdraw federal funding from police depts with needlessly high rates of camera shutoff or disrepair.