Stein Vows Legal challenge to State of Arizona efforts to keep Green Party off the ballot

Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President, said her campaign would sue the State of Arizona if they fail to put the Green Party on the ballot this November.

The Green Party is one of four official parties in Arizona. State officials said that the Green Party missed a deadline to name its presidential electors by June 1, even though the Green Party has not yet held its Presidential nomination convention. A similar attempt by Arizona to keep the Libertarian candidate off the ballot in 1996 was thrown out by the courts.

“Arizona has a history of voter suppression. Here Arizona state officials are ignoring prior court decisions. We intend to fight these games in every state where the establishment parties try to prevent voters from supporting the candidates of their choice,” said Dr. Stein.

Stein said that it’s understandable that the Democrats and Republicans are scared of allowing competition on the ballot, since their two presumptive presidential nominees are the most disliked politicians in the country.

The Green Party national nominating convention will be held in Houston in early August.

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