Stein Urges Support for over 250 Green Party Candidates

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka call on voters to support over 250 Green Party candidates running for state and local office in 2016.

“Across America, the Green Party is offering alternatives to the failed two-party system,” said Stein. “Each time we put a Green on a city council or a local board, the political atmosphere changes for the better. Greens come to office with real solutions to the issues facing our people and planet, instead of just protecting the status quo.”

“This year the presidential race is galvanizing support for Greens in local and state races across America. We don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to give Americans a more responsive, more accountable political system.”

Stein noted that in their history, Greens have won 31% of the races they have entered. Over 1,000 Greens have been elected to public office since the first Green was elected in 1987. There have been 57 Green Party Mayors so far. Currently, there are roughly 140 Green office-holders.

“We are a serious political party, running at all levels to build a new political force that will serve people and not big money donors,” said Stein.

According to Stein’s running mate, Ajamu Baraka, “We’ve spent years protesting outside the halls of power, often with no friends inside who were willing to listen. Now we’re giving voters an opportunity to put people in office who will listen and do the right thing for the people.”

In recent months, state Green parties are reporting an unprecedented surge of volunteers and donors. In many cases, the local party infrastructure is working to keep up with a flood of volunteers that is a hundred times greater than ever before. The Stein campaign has hired a national team of volunteer coordinators to assist state parties in putting new people to work in their state.

Recent polls have showed Stein/Baraka running at up to 12 percent among independent voters and up to 18 percent among millennials – which Stein took as an indication of a bright future for the Green Party. “These are informed, committed voters, not people who are being bullied into supporting the lesser of two evils,” Stein noted. “If we can do this well while fighting a press blackout and exclusion from the debates, it shows a great awakening is taking place.”

“The Green Party is the natural home for young voters and people concerned with peace, justice, and the environment. Establishment candidates like Clinton and Trump lead the polls only because they have the playing field tilted unfairly in their favor. This year, the Green Party is reaching critical mass and really beginning to change American politics for good.”

A running list of featured down-ticket Greens running for office in this election can be found at:

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