Stein calls Britain Vote a Wake-up Call

The Brexit vote is a direct result of the effects of neoliberalism on economically stressed voters harmed by decades of austerity, corporate free trade and globalization that serves the economic elite. The deplorable and dangerous anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee anger that neoliberalism generates can only be effectively ended through the construction of a new, more democratic, ecological, and socially just Europe. In this, I strongly support the work of the Green parties of Scotland and of England and Wales in working with progressive forces for a new European democracy to stand against both neoliberalism and neofascism

In reality, immigrants are themselves refugees from neoliberal militarism and economic domination – and have been forced to flee their homelands in search of safety and economic survival.

The only answer to this crisis is truly progressive policies – fair trade agreements, economic equality and security including the right to a job at living wages, health care and education as human rights, the cancellation of student debt, and respect for the needs and rights of immigrants. We must honor diversity and stop causing the immigration crisis through predatory economic and military policies of neoliberalism. 

In order to achieve progressive policies that can address the growing crisis, we must also demand real democracy, both in the EU and the US. Only then can we begin to create an America and a world that works for all of us, that puts people, planet and peace over profit. Before the Brexit vote I agreed with Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas and the UK Greens who supported staying in the EU but working to fix it, because the EU has many problems. They also recalled the problems that existed before the EU between European nations. The EU was created to fix those problems. The Brexit vote should be a wake-up call to the EU — they need to do more to respect democracy at the national level; serve the interests of the people by controlling transnational corporations, not empowering them; and protect the environment, not allow big business profits to come before the environment. As progressives we need to explain that the neoliberal policies of the EU are weakening workers, creating an expanded wealth divide as well as creating an environment where racism against immigrants can flourish.  We also need to make clear it is the militarist policies of the US and NATO that is causing the migrant crisis. I still support Corbyn’s, Lucas’ and the UK Greens’ view and hope the EU hears these concerns because they exist in many nations. If they do not fix the EU, it could fall apart. Also see statements from European Greens

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