Sanders’ supporters will go for Green Party

Clinton, Drumpf, Sanders or Stein: Four different directions

April 27, 2016

US Republican presidential candidates, particularly Donald Drumpf, fear Bernie Sanders the most as their possible Democratic challenger, but Sanders is not revolutionary given his support for American wars of aggression, an American political analyst and activist says.

Myles Hoenig told Press TV on Wednesday that Jill Stein of the Green Party is a true revolutionary politician in the United States, not Sanders or Drumpf.

On Tuesday, Drumpf called Sanders to run as an Independent in the 2016 presidential race.

Drumpf made the comment after the Vermont senator complained in a Sunday’s interview with NBC News channel, about his unfair treatment at the hands of the Democratic Party.

“It is very unlikely that Sanders would run an independent campaign. He said he would remain a Democrat and is known for his honesty and integrity. To make this radical departure, as Drumpf suggests, would kill his credibility. He never said anything about campaigning for Clinton, however,” Hoenig said.

“The one candidate most Republicans, and especially Drumpf, fear the most in a Democratic challenger is Sanders. All polls have shown a large lead for this Democrat if he were matched up with any on the other side. Both Drumpf and Sanders speak to the anger of the American people, especially with regards to this being a rigged system. However, Sanders’ positions are far more detailed than Drumpf’s and speak directly to the economic and political concerns of Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans,” he stated.

“For him to split from the Democrats would splinter the already weak support that Clinton has,” the analyst noted.

Clinton is a representative of US establishment

“Clinton, on the other hand, represents status quo and the establishment. Such a contest between Drumpf and Clinton favors the Republicans. She is disliked and not trusted by many Democrats, nearly all Republicans, and Independents. Only the Democratic Party machine’s efforts in getting out the vote can win it for her. And with the scenarios of an indictment, no indictment, or a stall in progressing with the investigation, Drumpf, or any other Republican, would have a field day with her,” Hoenig said.

“One likely scenario is that many of Sanders’ supporters will support Clinton, whether he campaigns for her with his lukewarm endorsement. However, a very large percent, some say 30, say they would never vote for her under any condition. That is one thing that is so unusual about this election. Regardless of positions, voting is often done based on party loyalty. When Kucinich, considered the peace candidate, lost to Kerry and none of his ideas were accepted into the platform, not only did he endorse Kerry, a warmonger, but many of his supporters held their noses and did likewise. Today, the conditions have radically changed,” he added.

Sanders’ supporters will go for Green Party

“Who benefits from all of this? The Green Party. Where will Sanders’ supporters go if they won’t go to Clinton? These voters are progressive and untrusting of our political establishment. The Green Party addresses all their needs and goes much further than even Sanders on positions,” the commentator stated.

“Sanders wants free college but wants to make student debt more affordable. [Jill] Stein of the Green Party wants to abolish student debt as the US abolished bankers’ debt,” he said.

“Sanders wants to pay for single payer and education with taxes on the wealthy and their transactions. He says nothing about the bloated military. Stein calls for at least 50% reduction of military funding and the closing of our bases overseas,” he added.

“Sanders votes against certain (not all) wars but votes to fund them all. He even supports the murderous drone program under Bush and exaggerated under Obama,” he stated.

“The Green Party takes a non-violent, diplomatic approach to foreign policy.”

Sanders supports Israel 100%

“Sanders, the first ever on a national stage, actually gave recognition to the plight of the Palestinians. However, he supports Israel ‘100%’. Many in the Green Party support a One-State Solution,” said Hoenig.

“Drumpf is smart to add fuel to the fires burning in the Democratic Party. He knows it’ll be a tough fight taking on Clinton and her establishment but very doable. No one other than Clinton provides so much ammunition to an opposing camp as she does,” he stated.

“Soon, Sanders will become irrelevant. His supporters will be the ones changing the direction of our political establishment with the Green Party taking the lead. This will not be a victory for the Green Party, though, as both the Electoral College and the House of Representatives, the only two groups who actually have a say in our presidential elections. They would never give up power to a third party that sees the 1% as the predators in our society, and those that feed the two mainstream political parties,” he concluded.

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