Jill Stein says leaked emails prove DNC sabotage; urges Sanders to withdraw Clinton endorsement, explore collaboration with Green Party

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday July 22, 2016

Contact: Meleiza Figueroa, Press Director: press@jill2016.com

Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presumptive Presidential nominee, said that a trove of emails from the Democratic National Committee released today by Wikileaks prove that top party officials have conspired to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

“On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, I invite Bernie Sanders to reconsider his endorsement of Hillary Clinton in light of these new facts, and to consider joining forces outside of the corrupt Democratic Party that sabotaged his campaign,” said Stein. “I once again urge Bernie to sit down with me to explore potential collaboration with the Green Party to ensure that the political revolution will prevail.”

“The leaked DNC emails are the smoking gun that the Democratic establishment was rigging the game against Bernie the whole time,” said Stein. “Instead of running the process impartially and letting the voters decide, top Democratic officials were doing all they could to ensure a Clinton victory, including collusion with journalists to present a pro-Clinton, anti-Sanders narrative.”

“Democratic Party elites have been caught red-handed sabotaging a grassroots campaign that tried to bring huge numbers of young people, independents, and non-voters into their party. Instead, they have shown exactly why America needs a new major party, a truly democratic party for the people,” said Stein.

“I want to commend Bernie Sanders and his supporters for running an earth shaking campaign despite the covert, continuous assault by the Democratic Party. After such betrayal, if Senator Sanders repudiates the Democratic Party, I would welcome him into the Green Party to continue this political revolution. We now see that this movement is more urgently needed than ever.”

“The leaked emails underscore why a revolutionary campaign can not survive within a counter-revolutionary party, and the urgent need to build the Green Party as a political vehicle to build the revolution,” said Stein.

The damning DNC emails released by Wikileaks include one from DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach to communications director Luis Miranda discussing how to create a narrative in the media that Sanders’ campaign was “a mess”; an email from DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall to CEO Amy Dacey proposing having someone ask Sanders about his religious beliefs in Kentucky and West Virginia, saying that Southern Baptists “would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist”; and an email in which DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz discusses how Hillary For America proposed using Israel as “an ideal issue to marginalize Sanders on”, exposing that the DNC was collaborating with the Clinton campaign on anti-Sanders strategy.

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