Jill Stein Reacts to Trump’s Possible Paris Accord Withdrawal

Fox Business, May 31, 2017

1496251547402.jpgFormer Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein says if the reports are true and President Trump withdraws from the 195-nation Paris accord agreement aimed at reducing gas emissions, he will in return “lock us into a horrific future of catastrophic climate change.”

“The longer we delay action, the more catastrophic climate change will be. Water and temperature levels will soar in the next decades. The sixth mass extinction of species will accelerate, which will render the chances for human survival precarious at best. The issue is how many people will needlessly be forced to deal with – to die from – the ravages of extreme weather, droughts, famine, forced migrations, spread of diseases, and wars over access to land and water. And in Trump’s world, it will be the poor and vulnerable communities that most bear the pain, starting with the developing nations that will cross the threshold to catastrophe within the next 5 years,” Stein tells FOX BUSINESS.

Two White House sources told FOX News Wednesday that Trump is expected to pull out of the agreement, something that he vowed to do throughout his campaign. However, Trump later tweeted that he will be announcing his final decision over the “next few days.” Another source told FOX News that the decision is “not” final and he continues to weigh both options.
Stein, who actively campaigned for more programs aimed at reducing climate change, says that there is a viable solution that could be used to help fight global warming.

“A Green New Deal that would create millions of jobs while reviving the economy, vastly improving our health, and making wars for oil obsolete. [It] would provide the economic stimulus package of our dreams. It would also achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, along with sustainable agriculture, renewably-powered public transportation, and ecosystem restoration. It would virtually pay for itself in health and military savings,” Stein adds.

Additionally, she says while Congress should rise up and take legislative action to save the planet, she doubts that will happen.

“It falls to everyday Americans – who bear the economic, health and safety burdens of climate change and fossil fuels – to force elected officials to stand up for us, not the special interests, and to take effective and timely action on climate disruption,” she adds.

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