Jill Smashes the “Spoiler” Issue on C-SPAN

jill_Ajamu_cspan.jpgDid you see Jill and Ajamu Tuesday night during the C-SPAN Town Hall? If you did, you know just how awesome they were. If you didn’t, you missed quite a progressive performance. Luckily, you can see it on our website.

Answering questions from the moderator, questions from tweets, and questions from callers, Jill and Ajamu outlined clearly what’s at stake for voters on a wide range of topics. They took on climate change to war in Syria to institutionalized racism and police brutality. A highlight of the hour-long program came when a Hillary supporter, Steve from Wisconsin, asked Jill if she would take her name off the ballot in battleground states because he was worried that Jill will act as a “spoiler” for Hillary in those states.

Jill challenged him right back:

“Are you ok with the nuclear war (if Hillary is elected)? Six months from now, we could be in a nuclear war with Russia thanks to Hillary’s foreign policies.

We have seen what Hillary can do in Libya. She says what she wants to do in Syria (establish a no-fly zone that puts us in direct conflict with Russia). It’s important not to drink the Kool-Aid.

Don’t just be a victim of the propaganda. You really need to look at the track record and make a principled decision.  What we say is – the biggest wasted vote is a vote for more of what is throwing under the bus. Invest your vote in a true social movement for real change.”

The C-SPAN interview is just one of dozens of media interviews and appearances the Stein/Baraka team is earning these days. With every national interview, Jill and Ajamu’s platform of bold, forward thinking Green ideas finds an audience, and helps grow the movement.

Over 8,000 people watched C-SPAN live, and as of Wednesday night, the program had over 312,000 total views plus 10,000 shares overall on social media!

By way of comparison, Gary Johnson—who had the spot with C-SPAN the hour before Jill and Ajamu came on—got only 4,100 people watching live, with 73,100 total views on Wednesday, and only 1000 shares on social media. This is why he’s scared to debate Jill! Just look at the difference in those numbers! The “enthusiasm gap” is just astounding.


Don’t believe the corporate media blackout! Our message—with your financial support—is getting out on the “people’s media,” social media like Facebook and Twitter, to name just two of the platforms we utilize.

In fact, during all three of the rigged Presidential and VP “debates,” Jill and Ajamu received more than 22 million views on social media.

Truly, we have an incredible volunteer social media campaign.

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As they say– A new world is not just in our hopes. A new world is not just in our dreams. That new world is in our hands!

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair

P.S. You can watch the entire C-SPAN hour-long interview by clicking HERE. Jill and Ajamu have a lot to say about foreign policy, and the thought of Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton at the helm of our foreign relations is downright terrifying.

P.P.S. Please – we urgently need your help today for Jill and Ajamu, the candidates for peace and an end to the madness!

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