Georgia Ballot Access Drive Needs Your Help

Georgia Ballot Access Drive Needs Your Help


Until now, Georgia has been beyond our reach. Georgia voters have been denied choice. But history is about to be made. With your help, we will be on the Georgia ballot because of a federal ruling that’s still so new the ink is barely dry!

We have 7 days to finish collecting 15,000 signatures to put Jill and other Greens on that ballot. And we need your help.

Green Party (or any third party) candidates have never been on the Georgia ballot.

Why? Because of the insane amount of signatures required – over 50,000 – to get any candidate on the ballot who wasn’t Democrat or Republican.

But that’s all changed.

Greens won a great victory on March 17!

The Georgia Green Party sued. And in an historic decision, a federal court ruled in our favor and called the 50,000+ verified signature requirement in that state “unconstitutionally high.”

With one resounding strike of his gavel … U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Story lowered the required signatures for third party ballot access in Georgia – to 7500 verified names.

This isn’t just a victory for our campaign, it’s a victory for ALL Americans.

But, Friend, turning in 7,500 valid signatures to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office by July 12th isn’t a slam-dunk.

It means we will need to collect about 15,000 signatures just to be “safe.”

And unfortunately, at a cost of $2 or more per signature, those 15,000 will cost our campaign $30,000 – $40,000 or more to collect, mostly because we need to use paid petitioners to make very, very sure that we have what we need.

Friend, any amount will help push us over the top in Georgia.

Will you donate $15 today to help us reach our goal of $40,000?

Why $15? That will pay for 1 hour of petitioning, and result in 10-20 good quality signatures.

In fact, it will pay for 2 HOURS OF PETITIONING without you giving an extra dollar.

That’s because today, every dime you give will be doubled, 1:1, through federal matching funds. Give any amount you want up to the first $250, and your donation will be matched 1:1 — doubled!

That $15 turns into $30 automatically–and pays for 2 hours and 20 to 30 signatures.

It’s the best “doubling cube” we have right now for stretching our money and getting the job done.

By getting Jill on the Georgia ballot, she will literally make history. And YOU can help make it happen.

Will you donate $15 or more today to make sure Jill is on the Georgia ballot? With our federal 1:1 matching funds, your donation doubles to $30.

This is an unprecedented moment in history, with people everywhere rising up for an America and a world that works for all of us. The two-party system has never been more of a threat to the people, the planet, and the peace.

Friend, We are the last clean-money campaign standing. We take no corporate or PAC money. We’re solely funded by the conscience and checkbooks of people like you and me.

Will you help make history in Georgia and donate today?

The time is now, and our deadline is only a few days away. Friend, please give.

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Co-Chair

P.S. The tide is turning – justice is on our side! This past week Lawrence Stengel, a Pennsylvania federal judge, lowered the amount of required signatures we must collect in that state from 22,000 to 5,000. Will you help? Please give any amount today to make sure we get Jill on the ballot in Georgia!

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