ZERO Change. I observed at only 1 of 5 tables. There was someone from DNC observing the machine count at another table, but those machine ballots were also counted by hand to verify the accuracy of the machines.

At my table #4, there were typical adjustments, such as a ballot which had originally been counted for a candidate was disqualified today upon further inspection due to voting for 2 candidates, e.g. filling out 2 bubbles for presidential candidates. In those precincts where the machine counted the ballots, the hand count turned up a few more votes insofar as the machine couldn’t read the faint check mark or some other similar, common-sense explanation for the difference in the tally.

In the end, the corrections at the table I was observing went to Clinton adding to her score by 4, but were offset by corrections going in Trump’s favour at other tables. All Stein and Johnson votes were accurate at my table and, apparently, at all tables. In the end, the final count was the same as it was on election night. NO CHANGE.

Importantly, the recount seemed fair. While I was not observing at the other tables, the Clerk had the room set up in a way that was easy to observe and the counters seemed sincere and ethical.